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Private Sector Forum

Program for the Development of Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones - PDZSTA-BK

Conakry the 22nd July 2019

Hotel Primus Kaloum

The forum is a presidential initiative that aims to showcase the AfDB-supported ZSTA program in Regional Member Countries (RMCs), particularly in the Republic of Guinea, based on the results of the last assessment mission.

The objective is to mobilize key players, including the private sector, around the Guinea agropoles program and the Development Project for Special Agro-industrial Processing Zones in Boké and Kankan (PDZSTA-BK). With the planned round tables, the panelists will discuss several topics including the sharing of the results of the evaluation missions and information on the evolution of the program. It is a question of dialogue with the key actors of rural development programs / projects, in particular TFPs and mining companies, to explore opportunities for synergy and coordination with the PDZTA-Boké and Kankan. The organizers of the forum intend to present the opportunities for intervention to the key players in the promising sectors, guide the design of the Program by taking into account the concerns of the stakeholders, discuss the incentive measures for the success of the Program and finally, identify the actors private and institutional wishing to undertake within the framework of the PDZTA-BK.



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