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Through the ZES, reduce territorial inequalities by 2040, in a country where only the capital concentrates most of the basic infrastructure and attractive economic activities for nearly 14 million inhabitants.
This vision takes into account:
  • ​the concept of the life cycle of territories dependent on mining activities that attract most FDI
  • The development of commercial infrastructures - related to mining export infrastructures - to diversify the national economy and integrate global value chains. 


ADAZZ is an autonomous administrative public establishment created by decree in September 2018. It is placed under the Presidency of the Republic.

It is the instrument of governance that animates the institutional and legal system of SEZs. It is organized around a single general administration (central) and the Facilitation and Service Center within each ZES.


It is headed by a Managing Director and supervised by a Board of Directors which represents the public and private sector. It aims to be a flexible and efficient organization, structured around small project teams at the start, made up of in-house experts.

It will rely on a Strategic Advisory Committee of renowned national and international sector experts, from major engineering companies and major infrastructure works, consulting firms, investment banks, administrations of reference countries. and international institutions.


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